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Hello everyone, and welcome to Idiot World, home of self-proclaimed idiots through-out the world, and a few roamers that wandered in. I would like to set a few guidelines if possible….

Danger Do Not Proceed If:

  • You are easily offended.
  • Can not handle jokes most people find humorous.
  • Think kids are immature and should grow up.


*Note: If you have sensitivity towards blood and/or vomiting, feel free to roam, but do not watch anything with a rocker ( \m/(^^)\m/ ) next to it.


Oh, and guys, come on, try to watch your language in the forum. We do have some younger people, and we don’t need you giving them a vocabulary lesson.






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Plunger Boy Comic now working!


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January 07 column working now!


Mutated Toddlers







New Stuff

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