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Letís Finish The Site!


Mission: Finishing the site

Mission Results: PASSED (In my eyes, at least)


Hehe, writing this a bit lateÖ Hopefully none of you will noticeÖ Anyways, Iíve gone as far as I can with this site for right now. Animations will be up as soon as I figure out how to make them show up (which will be soon, learning HTML right now). Video clips I have, but what I donít have is a DV cable. Iím getting on soon, so then all Iíll have to do is edit for length (anyone up for watching kids running around for an hour? Didnít think so. -.- ), and, of course, figuring out how to make it show up. As for gamesÖ mehÖ Iím not much of a scripter, so Iíll have to find someone to help me with that. And, once again, Iíll have to figure out how to make them show up. So, Iíve done everything to the extent of my knowledge, so itís a PASSED mission. This should be uploaded sometime by tomorrow - Mommy Beloved said I was on the internet way to long today. I beg to differ. Byes!


- Izzy





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